Cookie policy

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small piece of data (a text file) that a website asks you to store (when visited by a user) in your browser to remember information about you. Cookies allow “remembering” your actions or preferences for a limited time.

Depending on the type of cookies, the cookies will be:

  • Temporarily stored in your browser's memory and deleted when it closes ("Relational Cookies")
  • Stored on your computer, so when you restart it, they may still be there ("Persistent Cookies"). Persistent Cookies are given limited lifespan, which is listed for each cookie type in the tables below.

We use internal cookies that allow the website to remember information such as your language selection or information about the type of your connection. We set these cookies and call them first-party cookies. We also use third-party cookies, which are cookies from a different domain than the domain of the visited website. These third-party cookies generally allow other organizations to help us analyze how our site is used, measure the number of visitors and display advertisements. Third parties that operate on our website and through which cookies are stored on your device are listed in the tables below for each category of cookies. If you would like more information about these third-party cookies, please read about these third-party cookies and / or privacy policies.

A description of each category of cookies, as well as the cookies used specifically on this website, are given below.

Without your prior consent, no cookies will be stored on your device that are not necessary for the website to work. You can give global consent for all categories of cookies, individually or you can revoke your consent at any time on this page by clicking the button below.

Strictly necessary cookies

Name Domain Expiration Description
cc_cookie 6 months Your cookie settings.

Analytics cookies

Name Domain Expiration Description
_ga 2 years This cookie uses Google analytics to ID used to distinguish users.
_gid 1 day This cookie uses Google analytics to ID used to distinguish users.